Mineral News was founded more than twenty years ago by Lanny Ream of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, author of the book "Idaho Minerals". Over the years, it developed a following of avid mineral collectors seeking timely information about new finds and other items of interest to the collector community. For some of our favorite articles, click this link or browse our extensive index.

With the purchase of Mineral News by Excalibur Mineral Corp in 2003, the monthly newsletter has expanded to sixteen (16) pages a month, revitalized its look by improving paper and print quality, and it has added significant features such as frequent book reviews, photographs to supplement new mineral descriptions and a greater focus of articles directed to descriptive mineralogy. Occasional color issues are produced as well, usually expanded to twenty-four (24) pages.

Articles are solicited from the collector and scientific communities, and mineral enthusiasts are encouraged to share their knowledge and discoveries with the collector community at large. Mineral News has no paid authors, and all items published are contributed by their respective authors. All articles must be unpublished, original material, and while authors retain copyright to their material, Mineral News reserves the right to all submissions for republishing or reprinting in other formats by Mineral News and Excalibur Mineral Corporation.

All articles should be submitted to the editor, preferably by electronic means such as e-mail or data disk. See our contact page for addresses.